Bernardgroup SP. Z .O.O.   has wide experience and established contacts in the supply of fruits and vegetables from Spain, Holland, Greece, Turkey to Poland, Ukraine and neighboring countries.

     The purchase of products is carried out directly "from the fields" and warehouses of finished and chilled products of agricultural enterprises and further, observing all the necessary standards and temperature regimes, our company delivers and carries out all customs formalities in the countries of delivery.

     We carry out a full cycle from the selection of goods according to the wishes of the customer and to the delivery of these goods directly to the customer both by the "direct import" system and by bank transfer in the currency of the country of delivery. Delivery is carried out by partner companies in refrigerated semitrailers, which ensures the high quality of the products supplied to the warehouses of the end customer.

      To ensure uninterrupted supplies, we cooperate with companies that have refrigerated warehouses in the EU and Ukraine.

You can clarify all your questions with our managers:

E-mail: - department of trade, import and export, - transport department, - finance department, - contract department.


Contact phone numbers:

+34 693 885 566 Anatoly;

+38 067 672 01 96 Alexander;

+38 050 302 77 68 Alexander