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Bernardgroup SP. Z .O.O.  has extensive experience and contacts in the supply of goods from Chinese manufacturers to customers throughout Europe. Working with Chinese manufacturers from provinces and cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, etc., our company provides assistance in the selection, delivery and customs clearance of various types of goods, including: spare parts for road transport and agricultural machinery, goods consumer goods, toys, garden products, garden products, goods for the textile industry.

Types of consumer goods:
- goods for leisure and travel
- furniture, including inflatable
- spare parts and components for machine tools
- toys in stock
- power tools.

We also carry out the selection and supply of product lines of industrial electronics and consumer electronics.

We carry out a full cycle of product selection in accordance with the wishes of the customer and delivery of this product directly to the customer.

Thanks to goods from China, life becomes easier and more interesting, and the business becomes profitable and develops.

You can clarify all your questions with our manager: 

E-mail: - department of trade, import and export, - transport department, - finance department, - contract department.

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+34 693 885 566 Anatoly;

+38 067 672 01 96 Alexander;

+38 050 302 77 68 Alexander.