The Bernardgroup SP. Z .O.O.  company provides customers with various types of high quality products and services.

Bernardgroup SP. Z .O.O.    has a good reputation in the agricultural products market, such as vegetable oils and related liquid products, wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed, sunflower meal. The company exports and imports agricultural products all over the world. Extensive experience in the field of agricultural trade allows our company for many years to satisfy the needs of world-famous traders at the highest level and to expand the range of products to meet market trends.

Another developing area of ​​the company's work is the sale of various consumer goods from Asia and especially China, since the quality of products in them has already reached a sufficiently high level and is in demand among consumers all over the world. Our company has established good relationships with manufacturers of various product groups in order to meet the needs of many of our customers in the regions of Eastern Europe. Chinese-made goods, such as consumer goods, children's goods, spare parts for equipment, are in significant demand in the CIS countries.

An equally important area of ​​activity of the group is the transportation of liquid cargo by its own tank trucks across Europe and the CIS. All tankers are certified according to European norms and standards. Also in one tank it is possible to simultaneously transport from 1 to 4 types of products.
Filling and draining is carried out by gravity or pump-compressor. Tank trucks consist of a self-supporting frame mounted on a three / four-axle chassis and a link suspension. Trailers for trucks such as DAF or MAN are equipped with ABS and a modern GPS navigation system, which allows the customer to monitor the location of the cargo at any time. This advantage guarantees the preservation of the quality of transportation of liquid products, since the condition of the product also depends on the quality of transport services! The entire potential of our team is aimed at creating the most profitable and comfortable conditions for the transportation of various types of liquid products for their owners and manufacturers.

"Bernardgroup SP. Z .O.O." carries out transportation of liquid cargo by its own specialized tankers (with a capacity of 25 cubic meters, carrying capacity up to 45 tons). We can transport a wide range of liquid products: vegetable oils, cognac spirits, wine, wine materials, molasses, juices, dairy products, edible and technical fats, chemicals (sodium hydrate, glycerin, ammonia solutions, hydrogen peroxide) throughout Europe and the CIS countries ...

Another developing area of ​​the company's work is the sale of various consumer goods from Asian countries and especially China. Working with Chinese manufacturers from provinces and cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, etc., our company provides assistance in the selection, delivery and customs clearance of various types of goods, including: spare parts for road transport and agricultural machinery, goods consumer goods, toys, garden products, garden products, goods for the textile industry.